Monday, December 2, 2013

Investing in the Future


This time of year, it feels like we do nothing but GO. Even though I try pretty hard to subscribe to the KISS method of holidays, it still feels crazy. But that, my dears, is not what I'm on a roll about today.

OH NO! I have a very important question.

How on earth does Little Bit manage to STINK so badly after only one day without a bath?

One Day!

I mean, Dancer and Diva could go two or three days without a bath when they were babies and that sweet baby smell just got deeper and stronger. You could bury your nose in their rolls and just smell sweet sweet baby. Occasionally there was a faint hint of Sweet Potato in there. 

But after only one day - Little Bit smells like sweaty garbage. Sweet loving and wonderful sweaty garbage...but sweaty garbage nonetheless.

He's ADORABLE. His dimples and rolls, and he laughs like a loon at Dancer and Diva's  antics.

But he stinks. And he doesn't even DO ANYTHING. I mean, it's not like he's running around yet. I am much aggrieved at this turn of events. 

So this is definitely going to get worse, huh? Egads! I better buy stock in soap now.

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