Friday, November 15, 2013


Egypt is a scary place pronounced Dancer at lunch time today. I would not like to live there. 

Me, thinking she is referring to something she's seen on the news...Well, it is a little scary sometimes. Why....

It's because we don't know the language she interrupted.

And....there's THE MUMMIES. 

I stare at her, nonplussed. The mummies?

Yes, she declares, I will never be able to get that out of my head. From Hitstory Day, you know.

Diva, with her best snicker, took the opportunity to laugh at her sister. Ha, Ha, Dancer's afraid of Mummies!

You don't understand, says Dancer, MUMMIES ARE REAL. They are DEAD PEOPLE with OILS AND STUFF rubbed ALL OVER THEM. 

*dramatic shudder*

Diva looks down at her soup....

Well, she said (somewhat philosophically), I didn't know THAT.

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