Friday, November 8, 2013

Dancer Revealed

One morning, Dancer came in asking if she could play with Little Bit. She said, I'll even change his diaper. Of course I took her up on that offer! Are you kidding me?

A little while later, bringing him back to me, she told me she changed a dirty diaper. Not that I minded, but I did say - Baby, you didn't have to do that. You could have asked Mommy for help.

With a dainty shrug and a wrinkled nose, she told me...That's ok, Mommy. It needed to be done.

I think I actually teared up. Because of what she said. Because of how she said it. And because it's not the first time recently that I've seen glimpses of what an incredible person Dancer is going to be.

Her understanding and maturity are growing by leaps and bounds. Oh I know there are always tough stages. There are days when she's still very much a child (thank goodness!). I cherish those times she still needs comfort and guidance or a bedtime story and snuggle. I know there are many things left to teach her. And I can't say I'm looking forward to the teenage years. ( I don't dread them, I just have a some lingering leeriness when I contemplate them.)

But how amazing it's been to see her grow. She was such a tiny tiny person when they sent me home with her - and with no instruction manual! Her body was soft and her bellow was LOUD. Her eyes glowed and her giggle lightened my heart.

And now her pragmatism makes me laugh. Her compassion makes me cry. Her smarts and responsibility make my heart swell with pride. When she expresses remorse for wrong I litterally ache with the knowledge of all the times she will fall and have to pick herself back up again - all the times she will stray from the path and find herself lost.

Those little moments are the ones I store away in the corner of my heart, knowing that she and God are giving me a tiny peek into what she can become. And after I give a prayer of thanks, I pray for guidance.

God, please help me. She's yours, too, and I need your help.

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