Thursday, October 10, 2013

CaptureYourGrief. Day 10. Beliefs

I believe there is a God.

I believe Heaven is real.

I believe that each of my children has a soul - and that their souls reside with God.

I do not believe that their deaths were punishment.

I do not believe that "God took them" for some higher purpose.

I do not believe they are roses or angels in some heavenly realm.

I do know that having them, and losing them, has changed me - in some ways for the better.

So sometimes I believe that losing them, while not God's fault, can perhaps be in His plan for making me who I need to be.

But I don't believe that every day.

Some days I believe that losing our children was an awful thing that simply happened, and there is no reason. Those are the days I cry the hardest...

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