Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CaptureYourGrief. Day 1. Sunrise

 Sunrise is hard to capture in the valley. The light arrives hours before the sun, and the tops of mountains are fuzzy and distant looking as the day begins. The surrounding mountain peaks are softened by the dim light. And then, in a sudden burst - the sun is there. Its light blinding. Warmth, too, is immediate. Sky clearing of any haze, the rocks are thrown into sharp relief against a clear blue.
They have their own kind of beauty. Not the kind I grew up around - not what I'm used to. But an incredible...harsh majesty. They remind me how small I am, but also how tenacious the human spirit is. For we carved out paths and ways through and over the grim mountain planes.
There is no softness here to disguise the creation. And I have discovered a kind of comfort in that.

Each day the sun rises, and I rise with it. God has given me another day - to live with joy and love with abandon. I have learned to thank Him for every one.

Colorado, US

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