Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Diva Strikes Again

Grocery shoppng with three children is a Wham, Bam, Thank you ma'am proposition. Pull up, park (hopefully not too far from the entrance), and herd Dancer and Diva while praying Water Boy doesn't take a dive for the pavement. By the time I have a buggy and have arranged everyone to my satisfaction, I'm already sweating and praying for a Dr. Pepper. And that list that I've been crafting for three days while serving croutons in the place of crackers...well, it's on the kitchen counter. NOT IN MY HAND! We won't even talk about trying to put the buggy away (because really, leaving three kids in a car alone to do your civic duty should NOT induce waves of guilt and panic).

Some might think that having hubby along for the ride might help. But it doesn't. Because he's busy wandering the store while the kids shout, "Where is Daddy?! Where is Daddy?!" While they peek around the aisle corners to see if they can find him.

But today took the cake. Because after the hectic shuffle of the grocery store - and Daddy very nicely buying Mommy a cold Dr. Pepper (it helps, it really does), we got THIS.

Hubby and I sat in the front seat, patiently waiting for the green arrow and delightedly discussing our incredible produce buys when Diva pipes up with,

"Where do you get babies from when you grow up to be a Mommy?"

I glanced at Hubby, who was trying desperately not to laugh and realized he would be no help at all.

And, given that it was 100 degrees outside and I had just completed a grocery trip with the entire freakin' family - I was not up for lengthy explanations.

So I simply said..."From God."

Whereupon Dancer felt the need to throw in her two cents.

"Yeah," says Dancer. "God grows them in your tummy and then they get borned."

10 second pause

"Don't you need a husband, too?" asked Diva.

"Yes," Dancer replied. "That is good to have, too. You have to get married, then God can give you babies."

And then the light turned Green. Thank you. Just....thank you.

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