Friday, April 5, 2013

We are Winning!

Oh, my goodness!!

The baby is a month old. And no, he is still not sleeping at night. In fact, he's not sleeping anywhere but in my arms. Which probably means I have less than five minutes to get all this typed and then...well, you can imagine.

But, between changing diapers and taking naps in the shower (while washing my hair), the world has continued to spin. The girls have a Spring show coming up, Dancer is about to finish school, and Diva is looking forward to turning FIVE! Can you even imagine?

Too, Diva has developed some definite opinions lately that seriously crack me up. Opinions on everything from the job market to gun control. And until you've heard a four year old break it all down you are really missing something.

Dancer, though, has become obsessed (no, I don't think that's too strong a word) with details. Exactly how many times she's eaten at a restaurant since living here. Or exactly how many days are left in school. Or memorizing mundane facts about random animals, road signs, or people - only to spout them over and over again. Also, her favorite song right now is "Black Cadillacs." Just as a side note, Diva's is "Motorboating" by Little Big Town.

Does anybody else ever look at their children and just feel their eyes crossing? Ok, maybe that's just me.

Anyway, we're settling in and getting control (yeah, right!) of our new reality. So that means....blogging is back, people! Wow, that felt good.

See you soon!

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