Monday, December 17, 2012

My Two Cents

I've not been able to blog lately. And it has nothing to do with a lack of stories or words, but more that there are too many. Too many thoughts and emotions swirling - ones that I use up all my energy trying to understand and sort and contain. When I am done with all the sorting and classifying and compartmentalizing...I am drained. And I think, no one wants to hear that. So, I try to sleep. Trying to rest my weary mind and my almost broken body.

But I am going to break my silence - for some very important people. Some very important children. The are no different than so many other children, no different than any other mother's sons and daughters. They played the same games and sang the same songs....the wrote their letters to Santa. They rode bikes or scooters, fought with siblings, and pouted just the same as all the others.

And now they are gone.

Twelve little girls. Eight little boys. Twenty in all.

I do not know what it is like to lose a child to violence. But I know what it's like to pick a resting place, purchase a tombstone, and slide my hand over a tiny casket...And to feel that heavy place in your heart where your love for that child still lives.

So when I watch the news and hear the debates, it (for me) is not about gun control or school security. It is not about senseless political posturing or knee jerk legislation. Or even about mental health issues.

It's about the families.

Do you remember what I've said before?

Do not turn your face away. Reach out your hand and clasp another. Open your eyes and your heart to those who grieve. Your gift to them is walking with them through their sorrow.  

This is your chance. And mine. To give of our hearts. To offer prayers and support - long after the camera crews are gone. To understand that they will be broken, and that to ignore that brokenness hurts us as much as them. 

It is also our chance to offer love, not anger. To offer understanding, not only to Newtown, but to one another. Practice kindness, my friends. Kindness to yourself and to those who do not agree with you - put aside your arguments and rise above. The discourse will only be elevated if we are part of doing so.

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