Monday, November 5, 2012


November is a month of thanks - and I've noticed some of my friends doing something interesting...listing what they are thankful for each day. So, I thought I'd participate in a slightly different fashion. I'm going to list a few things here that I am thankful for. Maybe not one for each day...While there is plenty of material for that, it might let too long. Just a little glimpse, then, into what I thank God for every day. 

1. God - for without His love and grace I would be lost.

2. My Husband - his leadership in our home, his kindness to our children, and his love for me are all priceless gifts.

3. Dancer - whose graceful feet and sharp mind have lit up our lives, and our hearts.

4. Diva - with a belly laugh and infectious giggle that never fail to bring a smile to our faces.

5. My Mother - who always understands when I call to rant, rave, or cry. She is always there.

6. My Father - who always told the best bedtime stories when I was a child, and who (I'm sure) still tells them to my children.

7. My Home - which is my family. Where they are is where I'll be, and my heart will always be glad.

8. The Children I've Lost - for they have shown me not only the depths of sorrow, but also the breadth of God's love.

9. God's Word - where I have found comfort, instruction, encouragement, and even admonishment when needed.

10. Each day - which is a gift in and of itself. I do not know how many I have, but I thank God for each one.

11. Music - the music I hear in my home, and in my heart...the music that escapes my mouth. It expresses anguish and joy more fully than words, and is (I'm convinced) one of God's most beautiful blessings.

12. The churches I've known - what they have taught me of fellowship and love, and even the fallibility of us.

13. Friends - true friends, the kind that never waver, never disappear, and never hesitate to hold my feet to the fire.

Love - for without Love, I am nothing. Thankfully, though, my live is full of love - and thus my life is full. Not perfect, but so abundantly full of beautiful, wonderful things that to attempt to list them all is...impossible.

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