Saturday, November 10, 2012

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

We have been blessed, thus far, with a healthy baby. Every time we check on him his limbs are long and straight...his heart beats. This doesn't truly lessen my dread, or give me confidence. Instead, it is a recipe for day-to-day thankfulness. Thank you God that he is okay today.

But recently we spoke with the doctor. We asked  him, "Is it possible to take him early? If so, how early? When is it safe?"

We asked because they have never been able to tell us what happened. If we make it to a certain point, we thought, will it be possible to take him then? Can we ensure him being here if we are simply willing to accept that he might need a short stay in a hospital or some medical intervention early on?

Our doctor wouldn't commit - he wouldn't say it was okay. He said only if the health of the baby was endangered would something like that be considered....he cited the guidelines the medical community are governed by.

And then someone we know said something very interesting. He pointed out that if we wanted to abort our baby - even at that late stage - we could. But we cannot give him life early because of medical ethics.

How amazing, I thought, that we do not think about this in such terms. We never look at the premature babies, born four or six or even eight weeks early and think about people aborting their children at that stage. That those small helpless human beings are thrown away in our society.

I do not write this to be hurtful or to attempt to make some political or religious point. While those arguments could be made, they are not what I want....

What I want is for us to think. There are many who choose abortion because they are afraid, or alone, or because they think they have no other choice. I cannot imagine their heartbreak, and I hope that those among us who don't agree with their choice come up with ways to help them not have to.

But there are others who view abortion as a convenience, a choice that they have every right to make - and never consider what they destroy. 

My son has parents who love him. He has a name and a place. We are his family. How did we get to the point where it is okay (in some people's minds) to throw him away....because he isn't really a person?

The bible tells us that God knits us together in our mothers' wombs, that He knows the number of hairs on our head...that we are valuable, so very valuable to Him. We are His children.

How can we consider disposible what God deems priceless?

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