Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Indomitable Spirit that Defeats Chaos

It has been one of those days...and it's only 9:56 AM. But, while the morning is only half over for most, I've been up for 6 hours. That's right, people. Six hours!

The trouble started with all the fire alarms blaring at 4 AM. You can imagine Dancer and Diva's reactions. Yes...cue the terrible screams of doom and the panicked run for Mommy's room. And, as every mommy knows - the terrible screams of doom are the absolute worst way to wake up.

I shot upright in bed, rolled out from under the covers with my eyes still closed, dashed for the door with baseball bat in hand...and got buried under an avalanche of trembling, crying, panicked little girls. I fought my way to the surface and shoved them behind my back. My heart was in my throat and I'm pretty sure my pulse exceeded 100 BPM. Only then did the shrieking of the fire alarms penetrate my sleep deprived mind. But, that's not all folks! Oh, no!


The house was not on fire. But, the alarm wouldn't shut off.

Fearing something terribly wrong in the attic or walls, I did what any self respecting woman does when faced with a crisis - I called the fire department.

We waited outside on the porch for their arrival, where we continued to hear the alarms shriek. It was 50 degrees, and us in our pajamas. Then - for the final indignity - a massive, humongous, horribly large skunk paraded through our yard. I told the girls to not look at it and not talk too loud. The last thing we needed was a stink bomb!

When the fire department finally arrived, they inspected the fire alarm system. Apparently, it is simply "malfunctioning." In my 4:30 AM brain, all I could muster was a, "Really, that's it?"

They told me to call a repairman (remember it's not even 5 AM yet), and they left. And all I could think was, "I had company and my house was such a mess!" 

The aftermath continues to be interesting. The girls are exhausted, as am I. They won't go anywhere in the house by themselves. In my sleep deprived and jittery state, I am having trouble figuring out just who you call to repair fire alarms....

So we may watch way too many cartoons today, eat sandwiches slapped together without much finesse, and fall into bed exhausted at 7 tonight (if I can keep them up that long). But, until then, we soldier on with school, ballet, reading, etc.

We are warrior princesses people!

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