Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Sweet Side

I love the bible verse about Mary treasuring memories of Jesus, pondering them in her heart.

What mother doesn't understand that? I treasure memories of each of my children. And I ponder...silently, out loud, here.

A few days ago I managed to wake up and get out of bed before anyone else. Trust me, this is a feat of epic proportions. Diva thinks sleeping until 6 AM is late.

I moved quietly around the kitchen, trying to decide what to make for breakfast, when I heard a quiet click and the pad of little feet coming around the corner. And there was Diva, sleep rumpled and soft - holding out her arms for Mommy.

Picking her up, I slipped back into her room and sat down on her bed. With her head on my shoulder and her arms wrapped around my neck, we whispered to one another.

"I love you, Mommy."

"Oh, I love you, baby."

I told her she was beautiful and sweet. I smoothed my hands over her hair and back while I whispered to her how special she was.

It was a precious moment, one I definitely treasure. Because they are increasingly rare.

Every little old lady at the grocery store who pinched their cheeks and told me to, "Enjoy it, they grow up too fast," was right. They do. And the bigger they get, the harder it is for me to scoop them up. Plus, the bigger they get...the less they want me to.

It's a hit to heart. You want them to grow up. You spend your time and effort ensuring they know how to be responsible, independent, etc. But then you want to cry when you realize they are outgrowing the kisses and cuddles that made their infancy, toddler years, and childhood so precious.

So I think what I'll do is simply treasure every hug and kiss and cuddle I can get, and when I'm thinking about throwing their teenage butts out of a moving car...I'll ponder them in my heart.

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