Sunday, August 12, 2012

Contains Brief Nudity

Important Note: We just moved here. Keep that in mind.

The conversation between Casanova and myself went something like this:

Diva stripped in the middle of the dance studio today after class.

Hysterical man giggles. 



Where were you?

I wasn't looking. I just turned around and....and there she was, calmly and methodically stripping.

More hysterical man giggles.

Where was everybody else?

They were all filing right past her on their way out the door.....

(Excuse me while I bask in my total and complete humiliation) *face palm*

So...what did you do? 

I lunged, covered her with my dress, and started yanking up her tights....sigh.....I think I scared her.

At this point, Casanova lost what little composure he had and laughed until he cried. I think I may change his name to appropriately reflect the level of aggravation he causes me. Suggestions?   

Now, this isn't the first time Diva's stripped in public. The dance studio in particular seems to be her favorite place to explore her nudist tendencies. I have, apparently, failed to instill the proper amount of horror in her at her lack of modesty. 

Granted, this is not the worst thing that could happen. And, too, I know I have years before it really matters. 

But, really?!! Public nakedness? This is what I'm up against? I'm all for healthy self-esteem, but this carries things a little too far!

I really wish I was one of those moms who thought my kids were perfect. Not that I'm complaining that I have them - hopefully you know me better than that. But, if I thought they were days would be quieter - more peaceful. I wouldn't have to worry so much about whether or not I am screwing them up.

And while a little pre-school stripping is not the worst that could happen - there are other scarier things out there. Every mom I know fights the guilt and worry that somehow she has permanently messed up her kids' psyche.  But, as one friend reassured me, "Everybody needs something to talk about in therapy." 

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