Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mommy for the Touchdown!

Dancer and Diva do not lack for something to say. They always have a story, a request, a joke, a song, a complaint....It is always something. But, what I really love to do is listen in on their play time. It's as if I get to peek in on this magical place - and get a true picture of how they see their world. 

This morning, during playtime, Dancer very clearly declared to Diva that "Mommy gets to do whatever she wants."

Granted, this misconception  might be  is probably my fault. I am fond of telling them that fighting me is their prerogative, but they cannot, will never, not gonna win. "Because I AM THE MOMMY." I usually say this with a stern, almost fierce look to underscore the seriousness of their transgression.

This has apparently led them to believe that being Mommy means doing whatever, whenever I want! As any Mom could (and would) tell you - this is far from being reality!

The Bible spends many verses on the concept of God as our Father...a parent. I've spent a great deal of time thinking and reading about this concept. But, the greatest teachable moments for me on the concept of God the Father - is in being a mother.

One of the biggest things being a mother has taught me is this: I am no less demanding of my heavenly Father than my children are of me.

I'm not as appreciative of God's gifts as I should be - primarily because, like my children with the gifts I give them, I am simply oblivious. If it doesn't come in the package I expect, or when I expected it...I don't see it.

I question his 'rules,' because (like a child) I don't always see that they are there because he loves and wishes to protect me.

I make him repeat himself - countless times - because I'm not paying attention. I don't listen.

I come to him over and over again.

Can't you just see God, "If you say my name one more time...."

And, I see God the way my children see me. This giant, all powerful person who gets to do whatever he wants - even if it's not what I think I need.

Then I remember - my children will not truly understand the love I have for them until they have children of their own. They will not understand my sacrifices or the fierce, fierce love I have for them. They will never know the exact journey - only what they see and perceive in a childlike fashion.  In some ways, I've decided, I am very much like them.

It is one of the greatest gifts my children have given me - a small glimpse into the mind of God.

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