Monday, July 16, 2012

Every Journey Begins Somewhere

How did I end up over 1,000 miles from home? Over 1,000 miles from any immediate family or any friends.

Seriously, how did this happen?! 

Can you feel the righteous indignation?

I spent my whole life in Texas. I've seen other places, but I haven't lived anywhere else. And, really....I was ok with that. I mean, it's Texas. I love the size, the heat, and the landscape. I love that feeling of belonging to something great because of where you're from - and the fact that ya'll is part of my vocabulary. I love living in the Bible Belt, where there's literally a church on every corner.

But in 2011 we fell victim to the economy when my husband was laid off. And he searched for work - for months. And he found work, eventually. The catch? It was through the woods and over the mountains - literally. The Rocky Mountains to be precise.

And thus it was that I found myself, in my cute little Toyota, following a UHAUL over the mountains to our new 'home.'

We drove for two straight days. Starting at 4 AM on a Tuesday morning, I hugged Casanova in front of our little brick 3/2. It was our first real home, and I cried as I looked at it in the dark, dimly lit street. I knew that I would probably never see it again, that I would never live there again. It hurt.

After two days of driving, it wasn't just my heart that was hurting! My head, shoulders, back, bottom, and feet had gotten in on the game.

Thus it was that, with much relief, I pulled up to my new home late in the day on Wednesday. With rocks for a yard and a quiet street, all I could feel was...happy to be out of the car.

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